5 basic characteristics of wine that you must know

You need to know the characteristics of the wine to find out which one is your favorite. Here are the basic features you should look for in wines.



You should taste the level of sweetness in the wine. You should focus on the tip of your tongue to taste the sweetness of the wine. If it tingles, then it’s an indication that the wine is sweet. People like varying degrees of sweetness. So, the level of sweetness is a factor to consider when choosing your favorite wine.


If wines have more acidity, they feel lighter. If you like the rich feel of wines, then you should try the ones that have less acidity. You will feel a tingling sensation on the front and sides of your tongue. Your mouth will feel wet.



Tannin is the phenolic compounds in wines that give the bitter taste. These compounds are found in the seeds and skins of grapes that are used to make wine. Tannin tastes as bitter as a used black tea bag. It gives you a drying sensation. Tannin helps the wine to last longer.


You need to recognize the wine by its fruit flavor. Some may like wines that taste blackberries, whereas others might like those that taste like strawberries. Red wines have flavors of fruits like raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry. White wines have flavors like lemon, lime, peach and apple. You can choose wine according to the fruit flavor you prefer.


Some people prefer light-bodied wines, whereas others prefer full-bodied ones. The body of wine depends on various factors like the type of wine, the place where it’s grown, the way it’s made, and its level of alcohol.

By understanding these characteristics, you will be able to distinguish the tastes of various wines. This way, you will be able to pick your favorite one.