Your Essential Guide to the Top 5 Australian Wines and Vintage Blends

Australian Wine

It may come as a surprise to many except those working in the industry but Australia holds the world’s fourth largest share in the wine export market. But Australian wines have a well deserved reputation of being among the finest as well. To give you a taste of what is on offer from Australia’s best vineyards and wineries, here is a selection of the top 5 Australian wines to indulge your palate.

1. 2010 Penfolds Grange

While it was hard selecting which 5 wines to include in this list, the one which deserved the #1 spot was a no-brainer. Penfolds Grange has a well deserved reputation as Australia’s most easily recognizable vintage wine. Indeed, Robert M. Parker, Jr., arguably the world’s leading critic of Bordeaux wines, has labeled the Grange “the world’s most exotic and concentrated wine.” The 2010 vintage is made from the highest grade of grapes sourced from Australia’s most impressive vineyards. It is a blend consisting of 96% Shiraz and 4% Cabernet Sauvignon.

2. 2009 Balnaves Cabernet Suvignon

As cabernets go, this Balnaves one has both class and exquisite taste. Made from grapes sourced in the world famous Coonawarra Terra Rossa strip, the wine is the product of a small but well respected family wine company. It’s solid heaviness with just a hint of smokey French oak will leave you elated and craving for another glass. It is just the right cabernet blend to while away those breezy Sunday afternoons.

3. 2013 Pazza by KT Riesling, Clare Valley

While it comes in an unpretentious bottle, not to mention very affordable price tag, this is as thirst quenching an Australian wine as you are going to find on sale today. With its open-throated texture and unique aroma, this is just the wine you need when it is time to funk it up a bit. The white vintage wine is a product of strictly controlled fermentation and no filtration.

4. 2010 Mount Mary Quintet, Yarra Valley

Ask those in the know about where to get the most elegant Australian cabernets and in all likelihood they will point you in the direction of Yarra Valley around the Coldrstream in the state of Victoria. It is a very scenic country too and when you taste this finely blended cabernet, you will get a good idea of the scenic vistas and crisp breezes which whisper in your hair around Yarra Valley’s lolling hills and ravines.

5. Yellowglen Yellow Sparkling Wine

When it comes to non vintage sparkling wines, Yellowglen Yellow is in a class of its own not just among Australian wines but at the global level. It is the softest of the fleshy flavor-driven sparkling wines as you are likely to get. Whether drinking on your own or with company, it is just the wine to give your spirits a lift.